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roof2General & Excess Liability

quotreGeneral Liability Insurance is a necessary part of doing business in Florida.  It is designed to protect the assets of your business in the event that a lawsuit is brought against your business.For roofing contractors General Liability comes in several forms which can exclude any of the below if not carefully reviewed. Commercial General Liability Insurance protects your business from personal injuries or property damage sustained by members of the public either on your property or away from your property as a result of operating of your business.This includes damages that arise from the ownership or maintenance of the business premises. It also may include any damages resulting from products that are either manufactured, handled, distributed, or sold by your business. General Liability Coverage can even cover completed operations, such as a completed offsite project. We know the coverage’s roofers need in Florida. Use caution when purchasing General Liability as a roofing contractor, there are several key coverage’s that not all carriers offer. “Open Roofing” coverage can be excluded from your policy, which provides you with no protection for a sudden rain event on a exposed roofing surface. Most carriers have specific wording as to what standard procedures need to take place in order to get coverage in that situation. We specialize in Florida roofing contractors general liability coverage’s. Our office represents several companies that are competing to earn your business. We can help you to understand these endorsements and what steps to take to protect your business. Click Here or on the house for a quote.



We can markets for all type of bonds for the Roofing industry. If you need a license bond or a Payment & Performance bond – click on the icon to be taken to our online quote form. We have experience in all type of Bonds for Florida Roofing contractors, call or email us today to get more information.




Commercialauto1Commercial Automobile

If you have one truck or one hundred – we have several competitive carriers to offer you business auto coverage with!  Click Here or on the van to the left to request a quote today.





Equipment & Tools

Get coverage for generators, nail guns, compressors,fork lifts and other common tools used in the roofing industry. Click on the lift for tool insurance quote.






Insurance your commercial building and contents of your roofing company with us. We have several competitive markets for all your property needs. click Here or on the roof to learn more.





Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation for the Roofing Industry in Florida can be a difficult task to obtain. If your company does not have prior coverage or has less than 100,000 in employee payroll – then a “Leasing Arrangement” might be the best solution for finding coverage. If you fall into the above please click here for a online form. If you have prior coverage with more than 100,000 in payroll click here. 



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